〈staff review〉Staff Picks: My Favorite Items - Mercado Tote

〈staff review〉Staff Picks: My Favorite Items - Mercado Tote

〈staff review〉

Staff Picks: My Favorite Items

"Mercado Tote"


A Mercado Tote finished with a technique called 'Ajiro-ami' (basket weave) using buffalo leather.

A finely woven texture reminiscent of a basket. The mesh material's unique color gradation is particularly appealing. This special leather mesh bag is crafted only during this season each year, available in four colors: black, vintage tan, bottle green, and mix gray.

This time, we'll share its charm from the perspective of staff who use it regularly. If you're unsure about choosing a size or color, be sure to refer to their insights.



REN Staff: Ms. Shishida



ーFavorite Itemsー

Mercado Tote / Buffalo Mesh (Mix Gray)

Period of Use: Approximately 3 months



Ms. Shishida's favorite is the Mercado Tote in mix gray. After about three months of use, the surface of the bag has started to develop a subtle sheen.



_________ What made you decide to buy the Mercado Tote?

I have always liked basket bags. What made me want the Mercado Tote was that it looks like a basket bag but is made of leather. I was also drawn to the weave pattern of the Ajiro-ami technique.



_________ Why did you choose mix gray?

When I decided to buy the Mercado Tote, I initially planned to choose "bottle green." However, when I tried it in front of the mirror, I felt that "mix gray" suited me better. The soft color tone matched my personal style, so I ultimately chose mix gray.


▲ mix gray&bottle green


_________ What do you like about it after using it?

I find the handles very user-friendly because they are slightly thicker. They fit comfortably in my hand and don't cause any strain, even when the bag is full, making it easy to carry.



Also, the sheen it develops over time is something I love. It's gratifying to see the leather gaining more luster with each use. Compared to when it was new, mine has taken on a slightly reddish hue, which I find quite appealing.


▲ Left: Ms. Shishida's Mix Gray / Right: New Mix Gray


I also have a goat mesh bag, but the changes in the Mercado Tote offer a different kind of enjoyment. The more I use it, the more luster it develops.



_________ Reasons Why I Recommend It

It's perfect for those who love basket bags. I think it suits people of all ages.

When helping customers at the Kuramae store, I always recommend the color that suits them best. Even when choosing items for myself, if there's a difference between what I want and what suits me, I opt for what suits me. Just like I did when I chose the Mercado Tote in mix gray.

For those who are undecided about the color of the Mercado Tote, I recommend choosing the color that suits you best.




Mercado Tote


〈 STAFF 〉 Ms. Shishida
Kuramae store staff. Ms. Shishida has a great sense of what suits her. If you're unsure about which bag to choose, don't hesitate to ask her for advice on what would look best on you.
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