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Light-impression leather bag is easy to coordinate even in summer

Goat mesh is made of goat leather cut into long, thin strips.

It is made by hand, one by one, in an atelier in India.The beauty of handwork can be seen in the regularly lined knitting patterns.

▲ Image of aging / Right : Same material used for about 5 years(camel)

The material is taut when new, but softens with use.The process of changing to a texture that fits in your hand also leads to attachment.We want people to enjoy the changes in leather as they use it in their daily lives.

▲ Image of aging / Same material used for about 5 years(camel)

The changes vary from color to color, but over time the surface of the leather develops a luster and grows deeper in color.You can savor the changes in shape and color for a long time.

It has a heavy impression, but is lightly finished.

The lightweight finish of this leather mesh bag is also a REN commitment.String-like goatskin leather is braided one by one.Although the amount of leather required is very large, it is made as light as possible by thinly straining goatskin to a perfect thickness that maintains its strength.Goat mesh is made into a comfortable bag by the characteristics of goat leather with high fiber density and careful handwork.

Devices to maintain suppleness

REN's goat mesh is finished with an emphasis on supple texture.Goat mesh requires string goatskin leather to be joined together.The higher the adhesive strength, the stiffer the adhesive, and the more likely it is to spoil the texture.In order to respect the supple texture, REN uses a flexible adhesive.That is the choice and ingenuity to not spoil the texture of the knitted fabric.

goatskin "GOAT MESH"

This leather mesh is woven from vegetable tanned goatskin leather.The more it is used, the more it softly blends in, the more it becomes shiny, and the deeper its color changes.

Because long strings of cut leather are carefully woven together, it takes about five times as much leather to make a product as it does to make the same area of product. The knitting is beautiful down to the smallest detail, and the ateliers in India, where skilled craftsmen gather, spare no effort.The regularly woven leather is durable, yet cool and lightweight.

External dimensions
Width 380mm x Height 320mm x Depth 0mm
Handle length 870mm

※Because they are hand-knitted, there is a 2-3cm difference in finish depending on the individual.

Product weight

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raw materials

indipendent manufacture

[ About color migration and color fading]

If worn with denim, indigo-dyed or cotton clothing, the color of the clothing may transfer to the leather due to friction. Also, if the bag gets wet due to rain, sweat, or friction, the color of the leather may transfer to your clothing. Please be careful when matching the bag with bright clothing.

[ Storage Method ]

If not used for a long period of time, store in a well-ventilated place. Avoid storing in a humid place as it may cause mold and leather deterioration.

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