〈interview〉Scenes with Goat Mesh - Mayumi Kogoma

〈interview〉Scenes with Goat Mesh - Mayumi Kogoma


Scenes with Goat Mesh


People Who Suit Goat Mesh

When I thought about that, the person who came to mind was the artisan, Mayumi Kogoma.

Ms. Kogoma's jewelry brand, "UU ceramic jewelry and objects," is now available at the REN Kuramae store, thanks to the recent POP UP SHOP event. Her captivating pieces carry an enchanting aura.



It's precisely because she dedicates herself to the craft every day that we believe Ms. Kogoma can seamlessly incorporate the hand-crafted Goat Mesh bags into her life. With this thought in mind, we entrusted her with using REN's Goat Mesh.

It's through actually using the product that one can truly understand its qualities. We visited Ms. Kogoma's atelier to learn about her experience living with Goat Mesh and how it integrates into her daily life.



Mayumi Kogoma
Born in Tokyo
In 2009, she founded the ceramic jewelry brand UU ceramic jewelry and objects. She began creating relief works in 2015.



The item she used was the Goat Mesh series "Lunch Bag L." (*This term, we are not producing this item.)Placed on the desk in her atelier, the bag blended in perfectly, becoming a natural part of the scenery.


"It looks picturesque just sitting in the room. With this bag, I don't mind leaving it on a chair. It has such a good presence, don't you think?"



It's been about three months since she started using the bag.

Ms. Kogoma mentioned that she hasn't had much time to use the bag by hand, yet there are noticeable changes in its color and texture. The handles have become soft and supple, and the color has deepened to a rich, profound hue.


"As you use it every day, it's hard to notice the changes," Ms. Kogoma remarked. The way and speed at which the bag changes vary from person to person. Goat Mesh is perhaps one of those materials that, before you know it, has grown and developed along with you.



What surprised me when I first held the Goat Mesh was its texture.


"My first impression was that it was thicker and sturdier than I had imagined. With such a robust texture, I thought it would be safe to carry my laptop. Now, I often use it to carry my computer."


Ms. Kogoma's bag indeed contained her laptop today as well. She mentioned that she often carries even more items in it regularly.


"It holds plenty of documents and items, and when it's not full, I love that it has a relaxed, slouchy silhouette. It's versatile in that way."



"The elongated shape also makes it easy to access my belongings, which I found very convenient. My daily routine typically involves traveling between my atelier and home, a short distance. I often place a smaller bag inside my larger main bag to carry with me when I just go to the convenience store. That's why I like the wide opening of this elongated shape. Today, I also have two drawstring bags inside my tote."


The shape and size of a bag depend on one's lifestyle. For Ms. Kogoma, who uses both a main bag and a sub bag, the "Lunch Bag L" is the perfect fit.



She says that using this bag has also influenced her choices in accessories and clothing.


"Actually, I rarely use warm-colored accessories. Since my wardrobe mostly consists of black and gray, I usually opt for cool-colored items. But inspired by this camel bag, I've decided to incorporate more warm colors. That's why I chose a red file to keep in my bag."


The unique aspect of mesh is that you can enjoy the variation brought by the accessories peeking through the weave. Besides Goat Mesh, Ms. Kogoma also uses other REN products. One of her favorites is the Pigskin SMOKE "Postman Wallet."



"About two years ago, I bought it at the Kuramae store. When I first started using it, the texture had a noticeable nap, but now it has a glossy finish. It's quite a transformation, almost like a completely different item."


The SMOKE line is characterized by its brushed texture. "I intended to enjoy the nap, but this transformation is nice too," she says, appreciating the natural changes in the leather as she uses it.


________ What do you like about REN after using their products?

"In a good way, REN products are practical. All of their items are straightforward in terms of use and functionality. Since I naturally prefer simple things, I appreciate this aspect. They don't overdo it with unnecessary embellishments."



"Ms. Kogoma, who says she likes simple things, has an atelier that impresses with its functional beauty and thriving plants. The natural beauty and charm are evident. What influences her daily creations? We asked Ms. Kogoma about her approach to craftsmanship.


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