Strolling with REN's mesh bag, Kagurazaka, Tokyo

Strolling with REN's mesh bag, Kagurazaka, Tokyo

release date:May.10,2024


Walking along the cobblestone streets of Kagurazaka with a basket bag.

Kagurazaka, known as Tokyo's "Little Paris" is an impressive town with cobblestone streets and sloping pathways. Last April, a new REN store opened here. Walking along a side street slightly off the main street, which is crowded with many stores. Then you will see the unique scenery of a town that has flourished since ancient times.

In this issue, we will introduce spots and paths recommended by the staff of the Kagurazaka store with "goat mesh" and "mercado bags," along with snapshots and episodes from their walks.

The "Goat Mesh" bag is woven with a "cobblestone weave" that looks like the streets of Kagurazaka, and the "Mercado Bag" is made with a "Ajiro Weave" that has a tight mesh.

Why not visit the expressive Kagurazaka? You will surely find a great photo spot.


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#Tokyo's “Little Paris”

Kakurembo Yokocho Alley

The name "Kakurembo Yokocho Alley" comes from the fact that "even if you secretly tail someone going to Kagurazaka for fun, you lose them as soon as they enter the alley. The stone-paved alleys and blackboard fences give the atmosphere of a "Hanamachi". If you look carefully at your feet, you may find a stone with a mysterious shape. (star, heart, diamond)

3 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku city


Wearing Item:Basket tote bag S

#Historic Cityscape

Kemban Yokocho Alley


It was named after a building along the street called "Kenban (Japanese 「見番」)" where geisha used to practice their songs and dances.At first glance, it appears to be a modern street with impressive terraces surrounded by greenery. However, there are small shrines and, depending on the time of day, the sound of shamisen (three-stringed Japanese banjo) can be heard, giving the alley an old-fashioned Kagurazaka feel. Entering the narrow street at the back from Samban Yokocho Alley leads to the Geisha Kodo Alley.

3-6-21 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku city


Wearing Item:Tassel tote bag



Geisha Kodo Alley

Atamiyu Stairway, a pathway leading down from Kemban Yokocho Alley to the "Atami Yu" public bathhouse. The name "Atamiyu Stairway" comes from the fact that many geisha used to walk this path from Kemban, the office of geisha, to their ”Ozashiki (A traditional restaurant where geisha entertain). The stairs along the path are also called "Atami Yu Stairs".

3-10 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku city


Wearing Item:Basket tote bag S



Zenkokuji Temple

It was built in 1595, at the end of the Momoyama Period.Bishamonten, the main deity, has been worshipped as "Kagurazaka no Bishamon-sama" since the Edo period (1603-1868) and was called "Edo Sanbishamon" together with Shiba Shodenji Temple and Asakusa Shoboji Temple. Today, it is one of the "Seven Gods of Good Luck" in Shinjuku Yamanote.

The "Bishamonten Statue" and the "Stone Tiger" are registered as Tangible Cultural Property (sculpture) and Tangible Folk Cultural Property, respectively, of Shinjuku Ward. The Bishamonten Statue is opened on the day of the tiger in January, May, and September.

5-36, Kagurazaka Shinjuku city


Wearing Item:Mercado tote


Kagurazaka Shopping Association(Kagurazaka Street)

Today, Kagurazaka main street is lined with numerous stores, restaurants, and offices, but its origins date back to the Edo period (1633). It is said that the street was originally built as a road for the daimyo (feudal lords) to ascend to the castle, and that it became the prototype for today's Kagurazaka main street. In addition to daily shopping, visitors can enjoy various events such as the "Kagurazaka Festival" (Awaodori dance and Hozuki market) in July and the "Year-end Sale" in December.

3・5 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku city
Kagurazaka Shopping Association MAP:


Wearing Item:Box shoulder bag/Mercado tote



Donuts "Mori"

Fluffy and chewy texture!Using carefully selected ingredients, we spend three days making the dough for our doughnuts. More than 10 varieties, from standard to seasonal. *The Kuramae store has been in operation since January 2024.


Donuts "Mori" Kagurazaka
3-9, Akagishitamachi, Shinjuku city, Tokyo
162-0803, Japan / Business Hours:11:30-18:00 *Ends as soon as they are gone
Donuts "Mori" Kuramae
1F Essho-building, 1-5-5, Komagata, Taito city, Tokyo
111-0043, Japan / Business Hours:11:00-18:00 *Ends as soon as they are gone



Wearing Item:Mercado tote(BUFFALO MESH)




After working as a fashion stylist's assistant and at the general merchandise store "F.O.B COOP," the owner, Mr. Yoshida, established the flower store "Kojien". The store, which has a nostalgic feel, was renovated from a factory. Not only the bouquets, but also the decorations inside the store are full of taste.

3, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku city, Tokyo


Wearing Item:Basket tote bag L



AKOMEYA TOKYO in la kagu

This lifestyle store offers carefully selected rice from all over Japan, as well as foodstuffs such as rice accompaniments and dashi (Japanese soup stock) that go perfectly with the rice, and tableware and cooking utensils. The "AKOMEYA Shokudo" restaurant, which is attached to the store, offers a set meal menu that matches the season.

67, Yaraicho, Shinjuku city, Tokyo / Business Hours:AKOMEYA TOKYO:11:00~20:00  
AKOMEYA-Shokudo restaurant:11:00~20:00(L.O.19:30)



Wearing Item:Box shoulder bag



REN Kagurazaka


REN is characterized by its lightness, texture of materials, and simple, unassertive design, and is particular about the way it fits in when people actually hold it. The unique texture of the leather and carefully selected materials made by our original finishing method has a unique charm that other brands do not have. The Kagurazaka store also carries a selection of clothing. In a compact space, you can see a wide range of items from clothes and accessories to bags.

3, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku city, Tokyo




Wearing Item:Basket tote bag S



#snap photo

One side street off the main street leads to a small street with a different atmosphere. Walking around the city at your own pace will lead you to interesting discoveries. We recommend taking a stroll while looking for your favorite place.


Wearing Item:Box shoulder bag XS / Drop tote bag / Basket tote bag L(GOAT MESH)

Pickup Items

#Goat Mesh Series

Leather mesh made of vegetable-tanned goat leather with a cobblestone weave. The more it is used, the softer it becomes, the shinier it becomes, and the deeper its color changes.
Because long leather strings are carefully woven together, it takes about five times as much leather to make the same area of product.
In ateliers in India where skilled craftsmen gather, every detail is carefully and beautifully woven, and a lot of time and effort is put into it.The leather thus woven in a regular pattern is characterized by its cool transparency and lightness, while being strong.
To create the supple texture of the weave, a flexible adhesive is purposely chosen. Over time, the joints of the leather strings may come undone.

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#Mercado Series

This leather mesh is woven from Asian buffalo leather tanned with vegetable tannin, a traditional method using "astringent" extracted from the bark and leaves of plants.
The mesh is carefully woven by hand in an atelier in India, where there are many famous craftsmen. The original leather is cut from a single piece, and the friction of the cutting process produces shades of color on the cross section of the leather string. This is a change unique to nume leather.
The random weaving of the leather strap with different shades is the reason for the exquisite gradation of the entire mesh fabric. The beautifully woven and tightly packed texture makes the uneven color and luster of the leather strap stand out even more. The product does not look casual like a so-called summer basket bag, but even has an elegant appearance.

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