For Happy Father's DAY(2024)

For Happy Father's DAY(2024)

Happy Father's day

Recommended Gifts for Father's Day



June 16 is Father's Day.

How about REN leather items as gifts? From bags perfect for going out and daily use to small leather goods and daily necessities that can be used casually. Here are some items we recommend for Father's Day.


Waist bag

Made of light and simple high density nylon. Recommended for active and outdoor people.

magazine tote bag

The flat body gives a clean look and allows you to carry documents and PC goods in a smart way.

Plastic bag
sling type L

A simple plastic bag shaped shoulder bag. It is also fashionable when tied and arranged like a tote bag.

Daily backpack mid

The length is firm enough to hold a parasol without worry. The leather will become shiny, so it is recommended for those who like aging.

wallet / porch

"Kuramae" porch

A popular gift item. Recommended for organizing keys and cards as well as other small items that tend to fall apart.

Card case

The "Address Card Case" in bubble calf material is matte and elegant. It gives a smart impression in business and travel situations.


For those who like silver accessories and enjoy aging care, we recommend tanned "cowhide/solum" wallets.

Postman wallet
Mini wallet

※Gift wrapping is not available.




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