new material "PHILIP / COWSKIN"

new material "PHILIP / COWSKIN"

〈2023 Autumn & Winter〉


Elegantly textured cowhide with pigment and stamping
Natural matte with a fine touch. We have focused on the balance between the firmness and softness of the leather.


The surface is rubbed to make it rough to increase the adhesion of pigments and to make it more even and colorful.

The pigmented finish is characterized not only by its excellent coloring, but also by its resistance to stains, and changes over time are virtually non-existent. It is a material that should be used daily without hesitation while maintaining its beauty.

It is available in two colors: matte "ink black" and gentle "almond gray".


New Arrival


Lunch bag_S 

Lunch bag_M

Wide tote_M

Wide tote_L

Mini shopper

Day shopper

Box mini shoulder



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