〈interview〉The Ideal Leather for That Person.ーMs. Kanako with "Harry."

〈interview〉The Ideal Leather for That Person.ーMs. Kanako with "Harry."

The Ideal Leather for That Person.ーMs. Kanako with "Harry."


I always think about creating leather products that suit the user and their lifestyle. Perhaps that’s why I often find myself suddenly thinking, "This leather might be perfect for that person."

Pigskin "Harry" is light and thin, yet durable, with a fabric-like suppleness. Made from pigskin with scratches and color variations, it can be considered a carefree material.

The model Kanako has been using the 「Triangle Flap」 made with Harry leather for over 5 years.She started her modeling career while attending art school and continues to thrive in magazines and advertisements. She also runs her own goods brand, "LOTA PRODUCT." Recently, she created a popular character named "Opantsu-kun," a mysterious creature wearing white pants.

The Triangle Flap often appears on her social media.


▲「The Triangle Flap」made with Pigskin "Harry." Its relaxed, worn-in look comes from over five years of continuous use.

Seeing how beautifully it has aged over time, I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming urge to hear her story.

And now, my wish has finally come true.

Leather That Creates Effortless Chic

▲She usually prefers brown or grey tones in her styling. Both colors pair well with a black bag.

I often choose soft, slouchy leather items. The clothes I wear are not too formal, but also not overly casual. I like to create just the right amount of "effortless chic" in my styling.

In that sense, Hallie's material felt just right from the moment I first touched it. It has the quality of leather, yet it also offers an effortless chic. It seems to play the role of balancing the outfit. For example, even if I'm wearing jeans and a T-shirt, having this bag brings the outfit together, making it versatile enough to dress down or dress up depending on the chosen items. Its wide strike zone allows it to go both ways.


In the end, I always come back to this.

▲Opening and closing the flap feels satisfying every time.

Additionally, it feels good to hold. For instance, when you open the flap, a stiffer leather would snap back immediately, but this one stays in place. The comfort in these small, unconscious actions may be why I've continued to use it for so long.

Exactly. I bought it when my daughter was 19, and now she's 25, so I've been using it for over 5 years. At first, it was just a random choice, but over time, it became a staple. I've bought other small bags and thicker bags, but I always end up coming back to this one.

I wonder why that is. I've never really put it into words before, but I think I'll give it some thought.


The Hidden Hardware: A Subtractive Balance

▲The shoulder belt is thin and just the right length for wearing crossbody. Additionally, one of Kanako's favorite features is that the hardware is hidden from view.

At first glance, I thought it was incredibly simple that only the leather was visible, with no hardware showing. Hardware can actually make quite a statement.

For example, if the buckle were gold or if there were an adjustable buckle on the strap, it would give a completely different impression. The prominent texture of the leather and the absence of unnecessary elements create a subtractive balance that is quite appealing.


It acts like a pocket, holding anything and allowing for quick access.

▲The Triangle Flap's thin, flat shape is another feature that makes it fit snugly against the body.

I use it most often during business trips and travel. I carry a backpack on my back, the Triangle Flap over my shoulder, and a tote bag for souvenirs on the way back. This three-bag system is my go-to.

Inside, I carry my wallet, phone, and handkerchief. I also include an IC card.


▲Inside, I carry my wallet, phone, and cards. The interior pocket is also handy for temporarily storing receipts.

Originally, I used a long wallet, but I switched to a smaller size. In hindsight, it might have been because I wanted to keep using this bag. While a long wallet does fit, it's a bit tight. On the other hand, I can't go any smaller. I still use cash and can't completely abandon analog methods, so this size is just right for me.

It holds everything I need and allows for quick access. For me, it's like Doraemon's four-dimensional pocket.






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