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Chrome-tanned cowhide leather with a neat grain stamped on the silver side (surface). A thin coating is applied to the pigmented finish to make it water-repellent. Therefore, it will hardly change over time. This material is designed to be used every day without hesitation, rather than to be enjoyed for its change. On the other hand, if the leather is stretched by strong force, the pigment on the surface may crack. Special care should be taken when carrying a large amount of luggage in a large bag, especially around the handles. This is because the pigment does not stretch while the inner leather does, but it is also a sign that the leather is genuine leather. Another advantage of pigment finishing is the flexibility in coloring. The pigment is not exactly the same every time, and the color often changes slightly depending on the area of leather and the amount of pigment used. We find this subtlety and other aspects of pigmented finishing to be very appealing.

External dimensions
Width 355mm x Height 230mm x Depth 110mm
Handle length 280mm

Product weight
Approx. 320g

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Raw materials


[ About color migration and color fading]

If worn with denim, indigo-dyed or cotton clothing, the color of the clothing may transfer to the leather due to friction. Also, if the bag gets wet due to rain, sweat, or friction, the color of the leather may transfer to your clothing. Please be careful when matching the bag with bright clothing.


[ Storage Method ]

If not used for a long period of time, store in a well-ventilated place. Avoid storing in a humid place as it may cause mold and leather deterioration.


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