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Function, figure, lightness, size and material.

The factors that people look for in a bag differ from person to person.
When it comes to bags used for work, the points of particularity are even more different.

We interviewed Mr. Yamamoto, the head of the hair salon "bloc japon", and made a scissor bag for the first time in 12 years.

Does it serve as a tool?

As a tool to be worn and used, does it maintain comfort?

Moderately compact.
It can be worn diagonally from the shoulder, with a slightly shorter strap.

The "Scissors Bag・Sigs" is for those who seek such things.

"bloc japon" Company Representative: Hiroshi Yamamoto
He also works as a hair and make-up artist. He has worked for many clients including Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent at the Paris Louvre Museum's "Literature Louvre" / Louis Vuitton event guests' hair and makeup / Tokyo Collection / Bulgari advertisement / GUCCI short film / "commons&sense".


This is REN's original pigskin. Pig skin is a material that is relatively prone to scratches and uneven coloring, and was commonly used as a backing material. However, we saw its potential in its light weight, high density, durability despite its thinness, breathability, and fabric-like suppleness. By studying the differences in density and texture of different parts of the hides, as well as the dyes used, and by developing a method that wastes as little raw hides as possible, the appeal of this material is now reaching many people.

[ Notes on Product Purchases ]
Because it is natural leather, REN makes bags without discarding the scratches, grains, and uneven coloring that are part of the leather's character. Scratches do not disappear, but the more you use the leather, the more the surface of the leather becomes shiny and the more the scratches and color irregularities become familiar.

External dimensions
Width 105mm x Height 150mm x Depth 50mm

Shoulder length 810〜1140mm

Product weight
Approx. 180g

item's stock number

raw materials

country of manufacture


[ About color migration and color fading]

If worn with denim, indigo-dyed or cotton clothing, the color of the clothing may transfer to the leather due to friction. Also, if the bag gets wet due to rain, sweat, or friction, the color of the leather may transfer to your clothing. Please be careful when matching the bag with bright clothing.


[ Storage Method ]

If not used for a long period of time, store in a well-ventilated place. Avoid storing in a humid place as it may cause mold and leather deterioration.


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