Collection: PIG SKIN


This is REN's original pigskin. Pig skin is a material that is relatively prone to scratches and uneven coloring, and was commonly used as a backing material. However, we saw its potential in its light weight, high density, durability despite its thinness, breathability, and fabric-like suppleness. By studying the differences in density and texture of different parts of the hides, as well as the dyes used, and by developing a method that wastes as little raw hides as possible, the appeal of this material is now reaching many people.



This original pigskin has an appropriate hardness and flat look like canvas. The back side of the leather is daringly used for the surface of the bag, and layers and layers of special pigments are applied to it. The result is a uniform, deep color and a flat texture with less leatheriness. It is lightweight, and because of the high density of its surface layer, it is resistant to friction and has some water repellency.



This is REN's original pigskin developed in collaboration with a tannery in Sumida-ku, Tokyo. The surface is scraped to give it a raised feel and carefully prepared, so-called nubuck, but it is characterized by its firmness and strength. Unlike cloth, each piece of pigskin has a different expression, and the finish is uneven depending on the sensitivity of the craftsman who shaves it. The more one uses this leather, the more one can enjoy the contrast between the long and short hairy parts. Its smoky shine gives it the name "smoked". Because the surface is scraped, the color tends to transfer easily to clothing. Please be especially careful with white and beige clothes.