Made in Japan

Simplicity, lightness, materiality

REN is leather products brand from Kuramae, Tokyo. The products are "Simple", "lightness" and " natural txture of material".

History of REN

2005 Started activities as REN
2012 Opened "REN Kuramae" as the first street store.

As of 2023, based in Kuramae.
REN has 3 stores in total in Kagurazaka,  and Yokohama.

And many select stores also carry our products.


RE New Standard

We live in an age when we are inundated with a variety of things. We wanted to create a new standard and we started our activities in 2005 with the brand name "REN", which has a transparent sound and is not an existing word that expresses a specific commitment or world view.


Our philosophy on leather and care.

Leather is inherently individual.
Scratches and unevenness in color are proof of the natural material.
We do not try to hide them by applying coatings, but rather finish our products while respecting the texture of the leather as it is.

We do not consider scratches and stains caused by use as a negative thing.

Therefore, we leave the care of our products to the user.
If you love the changes that occur over time and feel that they are yours, there is no need to use care products.

On the other hand, if you want to keep your product as long as possible in the same condition as when you bought it, you can use a brush, leather care cream, or waterproof spray.
*When using care products, please check their compatibility with the product on an inconspicuous area before using them.

Please enjoy the texture of leather.

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